Closure of premise at Shepherd’s Bush Market

‘Finest Value In The Country’

Dave Horatha & Co. was established in Shepherd’s Bush Market in 1919.

The family-run fabric drapery store has stretched across three generations, passing from Dave Horatha, to his son Joe Horada, and then to his grandchildren, Danielle and James Horada.

After 102 years, we have chosen to leave Shepherd’s Bush Market.

Many of our customers have been introduced to our business by their parents and grandparents. We are truly grateful for the kindness and loyalty shared by the generations. Saying farewell to Shepherd’s Bush Market is very emotional for us. We will dearly miss many of you.

If you wish to contact us, please send an email:

For those who may wish to purchase large qualities of cloth by the roll or are seeking a curtain-making-service for several windows, then, we might be able to help.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Danielle and James


“Dress fabrics, furnishing fabrics, curtain fabrics and more.
Huge range and new stock in constantly!”

Dave Horatha & Co Fabrics
Dave Horatha & Co is a family run shop in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush Market, nestled under Railway Arch 170. In store you can browse through a wide range of fashion, quilting and furnishing fabrics, to create that one-of-a-kind look, with affordable prices and premium quality guaranteed. We stock a huge range of fabrics: from essentials like calico, denim, cotton, crepe and jersey, to sturdy suiting fabrics – linen and wool, tweed and herringbone – and luxurious lace, brocade, chiffon, tulle, velvets, satins and silks. Dave Horatha & Co has all your fabric needs covered!


Dave Horatha & Co Fabrics

We stock an extensive range of furnishing and curtain fabrics, as well as ready made curtains, or click here to find out more about our custom curtain making service.


Dave Horatha & Co

We stock a huge range of fabrics and more. Instore you will find: apparel fabrics, furnishing fabrics, quilting fabrics, curtain fabrics, ready made curtains, custom curtains, trim & edging, haberdashery, household linen, towels, bedding & blankets, cushions & covers, and more!


Dave Horatha & Co Fabrics
We stock everything you need to bring your creations to life, and make your house a home. Best of all, we specialise in liquidation and clearance fabrics, so you can expect to find some amazing bargains instore. We get new stock in constantly, so visit the shop and browse around.


Whatever you need, we can help bring your project to life!